It’s always important to know what it takes to cover your roof. While many people prefer covering their roofs using tiles, others use the various types of iron sheets. Roof tiles are normally fired clay or sometimes colored concrete which come in various shapes and sizes. If you want to tile your roof, ensure you to get an expert to do it. You also need to have an idea of how roof tiling is done. This will greatly help you to follow how your roof is tiled. If you don’t have any idea, you will never know whether your roof has been done correctly or not. Regarding this, it’s therefore important to know a few things about roof tiling. When you want to tile a roof, there are three considerations you need to carefully look into before you make a decision.

The number of tiles to cover your roof

This is a very important aspect of roofing, as it will determine the amount you’ll need to spend on the tiles, labor and other materials. It will also help you in planning so that you only start roofing once convinced that there is enough money to spend. You will then need to measure in square footage all faces of your roof. Here you can use a ladder and a tape measure, or just stand at a strategic position looking at the roof and estimate the width and length of each face and then calculate the square footage, then add all square footage of all faces to get the total square footage. This will help you when it comes to calculating the total numbers of tiles since tiles are of standard sizes or square footage.

Arranging roofing laths

This is also another important process of roofing. If you don’t arrange properly roof laths, the tiles will not find a ground landing and will be very hard to place. Each roof require specific sizes for roofing lath like 18mm x 36mm or 25mm x 38mm or 25mm x 30mm x 50mm and so on. You need to identify the size that fits well with your roof depending on the design, pattern and materials used.

Spacing roof tiles

This is one key area which will ensure that you correctly tile your roof. A lot of people do make this mistake. They begin tiling from bottom going up without spacing, until they reach the top. It is important to take time to plan on how you tile the roof from the bottom going up so that no tiling mistakes occur.

Three important things to note

When you want to tile your roof, take note of the numbers of tiles that will be enough to cover your roof (budget), how well they will be arranged and the spacing, as mentioned above. Apart from these, there are also other three things you need to consider.

  1. Poor tiling will damage your property value therefore due care is needed.
  2. Just like any other project, you need to have a proper planning as it is necessary even in roofing. Unnecessary assumptions will only cost you money.
  3. Always work and consult with professionals in roofing. Roofing a house is important, so don’t fail to plan.