The roofing industry continues to grow as more construction work becomes available. Technology has grown in this industry and numerous companies have joined this industry. As more advancement takes place in the roofing industry, a lot of tools and equipment become absolutely important in order to meet the ever-challenging needs of the industry. The tools and equipment required are commercial roofing tools and other specialized tools as well as equipment for carrying out specific tasks related to roofing. Here are a sample of tools and equipment required in roofing work.

  1. General Equipment

The following are examples of equipment that aid in the roofing process. Some of these items include ladder for reaching the roof, hard hat for head protection, soft soled, steel-toed shoes for feet protection and also protection of the freshly installed roof, caulking guns needed for applying caulk, wheelbarrow for moving debris and roofing materials, pop-river guns for attaching sheet and a pair of scissors, mainly for cutting fabrics. Other general tools include hammers, hacksaw, mallets, utility knife, black sharpie pen, and screwdrivers.

  1. Moisture detection tools.

These tools are for specialized tasks, and their main task is to detect moisture. In order to ascertain the soundness of the roof system and whether the roof surface is dry, moisture detection tools are used. A device like a delmhorst meter is used for this purpose.

  1. Post Inspection Equipment

This is also very important equipment for your roofing project. A tool called an optical comparator is used to measure scale on one end in order to determine how thick a coating sample is. This equipment has a measuring scale called a reticle which is stationed against the edge of a sample and then the eyepiece is focused to get the right thickness of a coating sample to the nearest mil. Sharp cutting equipment such as a razor blade is necessary to accurately trim the sample edge for absolute accuracy.

  1. Roof cleaning equipment

Any commercial roofing requires all the tools and equipment so that the end product is neatly done and is presentable. Some of these tools include a stiff bristled hand broom for sweeping gravels and any loose debris on the roof surface as well as a power broom. The power broom is basically used to thoroughly sweep a large commercial roof area.

Others include garden hose with nozzle, shovel, high pressure washer, vacuum, backpack blower and air compressor, which is powered by gasoline and is required for blasting loose materials and debris from the roof surface. A dumpster or truck is used for removing significant amounts of materials on the roof.

  1. Roof removal equipment

These are tools used for removing existing or wrongly mounted roof before a new and better one is mounted. They include spud bar, which is very helpful in cutting built-up roof into small parts for easy removal. Pry bar, also important equipment, is a shovel for removing loose debris off the roof and roof hatchet necessary for cutting existing roofing materials to enable removal.

These are some of the essential roofing tools and equipment that are very important for a roofing project.