Many of us will agree what makes a house presentable is the nature of the finishing done to it. You have elements such as the walls, roof, windows, and floors. Contractors always have to juggle with a lot of decision making every time they are constructing a house. One of the things that seriously challenges them is roofing.

Roofing is the most serious part of any building because it shelters the building and the occupancies thereof. Poor roofing will result into leaking, cracks or even air lifting of the roof. As contractors do house estimates, roofing climaxes the estimates.

Why therefore is roofing difficult for contractors?


Roofing is costly in the following ways;

  • In terms of materials.

The iron bars, iron sheets, iron rods, etc. are some of materials that are used.

  • It’s also costly because you need some machineries and equipment to put it up.

When you are doing costing of a project, the type of roof you use will drive the cost up or down depending on the materials that you include to be used in putting up the roof.

Require serious equipment to mount

When you want to do the roof of a building, there are tools which you need to have or hire a contractor who has them and is able to furnish and utilize them. Buying them will be very costly. If you can’t afford them, you will always have to hire any time you want to do roofing. This can be costly and inconveniencing as well. Some of the general equipment or tools necessary include ladder, hard hats for head protection, soft-soled, steel-toed shoes for providing maximum protection to feet and are able to stop any damage to newly mounted roofing system, paint brushes for applying bulk caulk as well as coating, electric or cordless drill and assorted drills. You’ll also need pop-rivet gun for any work of attaching sheet metal work, wheelbarrow, a pair of scissors and general tool kit. There are also other tools such as the pre-inspection tools, moisture detection tools, post-inspection equipment, roof-cleaning equipment and roof removal equipment. All these are required in roofing work.


Depending on the materials used on the roof, it may be heavy for the wall to carry for many years. This means that contractors must study the walls of a building and determine the kind of roof they can manage for many years to come. If the wall is not strong enough, then the roof must be as light as possible to avoid any possible accident in the near future.


Technology has made it possible for people to design all manners of roofs, some of which are very attractive. As a contractor, you need to be able to deliver on everything a client wants. Sometimes, a client may want a roof designed using the latest technology. This may be challenging to develop. This calls for contractors to embrace technology and keep up to date with new trends in roofing industry, in order to remain relevant.

In the end, roofing remains a key component of any building and therefore all efforts must be directed towards getting a roof that is good and lasting.